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Last transmission received  17/06/2006  19:00. - Conakry, Guinea, West Africa

Satellite Image of Wally's Last Known Location - Courtesy of Google Maps

Wally the Whimbrel  -  02/05/2005 15/06/2006

Wally was tagged on 2nd May 2005,  left the Lower Derwent Valley on 12th May 2005 and rapidly moved to Iceland. 

She, (the results of later DNA work showed that Wally was female),  may have bred on the Icelandic lowlands near Kopasker before moving west to an area near Laugarbakki.

Wally left Iceland on 1st August 2005 and staged in Brittany from the 5th to the 8th August.  By the 18th August 2005 she was off the coast of Morocco and moved through Mauritania (22nd August) and Senegal (26th August) before arriving at the wintering grounds in Guinea on the 30th August 2005.

Wally remained in Guinea until 22nd April 2006 and then appeared to begin the return migration.  By the 26th April she had reached Senegal but then surprisingly returned to the same wintering grounds in Guinea on 1st May 2006.  Transmissions from Guinea continued until the 17th June 2006 after which time no further signals were received.

The 12g Satellite Transmitter and Wally wearing the transmitter.

Some other satellite tagged waders have also abandoned their spring migration and returned to the wintering grounds. The reason why the transmissions stopped may be due to an electronic failure, a break in the bio-degradable harness which held the transmitter in place or the death of Wally.  

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The following Links will open Maps showing Wally's Movements and some notes.

The Map Pins are Colour Coded as detailed here :


Satellite Fixes to +/-

Visual Fix 350 meters 600 meters 1000 meters
Green Pins Yellow Pins Blue Pins Purple Pins

Data Plot Maps

All Data Plot - 27/04/2006 UK Staging - 26/08/2005
Iceland - 22/09/2005 Iceland Breeding and Staging - 22/09/2005
European Passage - 18/08/2005 France Staging - 18/08/2005
Africa - 02/05/2006 West African - 02/05/2006
African Wintering Grounds - 02/05/2006

Movement Maps

All Movements - 02/05/2006 Iceland - 19/08/2005
Europe - 26/08/2005 Africa - 02/05/2006

West Africa - 02/05/2006

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Photographs taken by Steve Huddleston unless otherwise credited.

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